Monday, August 4, 2008

The Arboreal Magician

Eric Manigian is a true magician (or savior if you as the trees), when it comes to how he can transform wood. Manigian, who trained as a fine artist in sculpture, is the amazingly talented man behind this impressive collection of unique wood furnishings.

Manigian’s wood pieces are namely constructed of tree fragments, which are then finished with oil. He explains that his "furniture is made from hand-selected wood from small millers who receive fallen, diseased, or discarded trees. In this way, we can give new life and meaning to the tree in the form of furniture."

If you thought that his creative use of tree parts was impressive, Manigan’s signature style also includes a specific hand-joining technique that he learned while studying Buddhism abroad in Japan.

Each piece evokes a sinewy aesthetic that resonates an ethereal soul. It is difficult to not gawk in awe of each piece. My favorite (as if I could choose), is ‘Bandwidth 008.’

Stopping by the showroom is a must if you are in Brooklyn. For now, you may find Eric Manigian here.

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